Brett McCracken

Senior Advisor, STRATMOR Group

Senior Advisor Brett McCracken’s primary focus is consulting with banking and fintech clients on strategic direction and initiatives. His client work includes responsibility for go-to-market strategies, new opportunity acquisition, process analysis, complex front-end workflow design, UI/UX direction, brand management, and the consumer experience for both consumer direct and retail lending operations.

McCracken’s most recent projects include helping clients design business process models and adaptative incubation funnels for marketing initiatives tied to either a unified tech stack or disparate data systems. This work entails deployment of technology that empowers consumers to self-provision online by leveraging sophisticated back-end data validation rules, dynamic pricing and other real-time data calls. He has also been responsible for the analysis, acquisition, and implementation of key cloud-based software platforms such as CRMs, lead management systems, business intelligence platforms, eMarketing, compliance, productivity tools, and point-of-sale systems. McCracken also works with lenders to understand the importance of secret shopping in efforts to analyze and improve their customers’ experiences with them.

“When I compare the process of obtaining a home loan to other financial products, I am motivated to help banks, credit unions, and IMBs create better experiences for their clients and employees,” says McCracken. “I regularly see a significant amount of non-intuitive, transactional friction which I know is avoidable. I love an elegant digital experience because I know how hard a team worked to insulate the consumer from backend challenges while providing front-end simplicity.”

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