Jordan Brown

CEO, MarketWise Advisors, LLC.

Mr. Brown is the CEO of MarketWise Advisors, LLC, a specialized mortgage technology consulting advisory. Mr. Brown leads his strategic consulting practice with over 20 years of experience in origination product design/development, deployment, capital markets, loan servicing analytics, mortgage lender process reviews and related due diligence. Through MarketWise, Mr. Brown led over 120 client engagements with money center banks, mortgage firms, commercial banks and the vendor community.

Mr. Brown focuses his career on building, marketing and deploying technical solutions to solve operational management issues including the development of loan origination, loan pricing engines, secondary marketing and servicing systems. Under MarketWise, Mr. Brown has spearheaded the consulting practice leading financial firm technology transformations, system selections, IT reviews and provided industry leadership to streamline operations and maintain IT/cybersecurity best practices. Formerly, he held senior management positions with GHR Systems/FIS, Tuttle Decision Systems and ALLTEL (currently Black Knight Financial). Mr. Brown frequently serves the mortgage community as an industry event speaker and contributes regularly to major lending publications.

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